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Liquid Minerals Group LTD. manufactures oil soluble organometallic additives with the finest components available. LMG is the largest manufacturer of high concentration oil soluble magnesium fuel additives in the industry, and the company is global leader with over 50 years of experience in oil soluble magnesium additive products. This experience spans the world, from power plants and refineries with countless gas turbines to boilers and diesel engines. Our focus is in finding unique solutions to common problems, and we are motivated to provide value to our customers through intensive Research and Development. Our product line has expanded far beyond magnesium, reaching into many diverse markets.

This commitment to expanding our business will continue as we work with global specialty chemical company Pilot Chemical Company. Pilot is a privately owned, independent company that provides high quality products and services to several industries. Together we contine to hone our expertise in organometallic additives, and we are finding growth opportunities in the surfactants and antimicrobial businesses.
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  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Aluminum


Oil Field


Power Generation



Gas Turbine


Diesel Engine




Gas Turbine

Gas turbines burning heavy fuel oil have been treated with oil-soluble magnesium compounds for decades. Current gas turbine manufacturer requirements mandate the use of a magnesium additive when the vanadium content of a fuel is present. We offer the highest concentration of completely oil-soluble magnesium fuel additives for gas turbine treatment. Along with concentration, our additives offer extremely small particle size leading to increased activity and reduction of vanadic corrosion. These products are available in multiple base chemical varieties.


Liquid Minerals Group LTD.’s oil soluble magnesium fuel additives formulated specifically for boilers are repeatedly demonstrating they are more effective and efficient than current and traditional treatment methods. LMGI’s oil soluble additives have much smaller particle sizes allowing treatment throughout the entire boiler resulting in decreased cold end corrosion with only one up-front treatment. Our high concentration small particle size additives offer a low dosage rates and increased reactivity.

Diesel Engines

Traditionally diesel engines are not treated for high temperature vanadic corrosion. Instead, operators have replaced valves when required, leading to drastically increased equipment costs. This is usually only noticed after a cylinder loses compression when corrosion becomes severe. In trials conducted using oil soluble magnesium fuel additives, high temperature corrosion was completely eliminated and engine failure was avoided. Liquid Minerals Group LTD. offers diesel engine additives for corrosion inhibition and additional products which aid in engine performance by increasing lubricity.


Sulfur is often added to asphalt as a binder and extender. When heated to lower asphalt viscosity, hydrogen sulfide is often formed. This is not only an odor nuisance for workers and neighbors, but it can also be dangerous. LMGI’s oil soluble zinc additives help control and eliminate hydrogen sulfide. Additionally, we offer additives that work improve the properties of asphalt.


H2S is a deadly gas that has many sources such as in crude oil, especially when moved onto ships and in refineries. Many products have been developed to reduce hydrogen sulfide but are however, reversible by heat. Liquid Minerals Group LTD. has developed both zinc and iron oil-soluble additives of extremely small particle size and high reactivity that work to efficiently abate hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide also exists in asphalt which can be treated with either of our zinc or iron additives.


Mercaptan Removal

Just as hydrogen sulfide is a malodorous problem, so too are mercaptans. Both zinc and iron oil soluble additives are able to remove mercaptans from hydrocarbon streams.

Acid Scavenging

Our oil soluble magnesium fuel additives contain a large reserve alkalinity. This alkalinity can be utilized in many petroleum based formulations such as lubricants and greases.


In refineries there are many furnaces and heaters required to crack large hydrocarbon molecules. Continued degradation of hydrocarbons forms high carbon residues that lodge on internal pipe surfaces and creation of acid residues resulting in fouling. Liquid Minerals Group LTD.’s oil soluble magnesium fuel additives contain a large reserve alkalinity and inhibit the formation of this acid which may thereby contribute to reducing the fouling of the system.


For many plastics such as PVC, acids formed during manufacture have a deleterious effect. In some cases these acidic materials lead to a darkening of the plastic. Liquid Minerals Group LTD.’s oil soluble magnesium additives have been found to scavenge these acidic materials due its high reserve alkalinity.


Magnesium and zinc are both used in rubber formulations to control scorch and cure rates. These are both solids of course which can introduce some handling and mixing problems. Liquid Minerals Group LTD.’s oil soluble zinc and magnesium additives allow for intimate mixing with other components due to their small particle sizes and flowability.