We manufacture high concentration oil soluble magnesium additives that repeatedly outperform the competition, create no handling problems, and promote savings. Savings both in dosage and in cold-end savings.

LMG oil soluble magnesium additives have particle sizes on the nanometer scale (30nM) which allow their post combustion products to migrate throughout the entire boiler, thus treating cold end issues with only one upfront treatment. Our products result in less ash than others, due to the lower dosage needed, resulting in lower ash disposal costs.




Vanadium Corrosion and SO3 Inhibitor Additive

LMG-30B® corrosion inhibitor is a boiler/furnace quality, oil-soluble, organo-magnesium fuel additive for vanadium inhibition in crude oil and residual grade fuel oils. It is particularly recommended to combat high-temperature vanadium corrosion in industrial boilers and furnaces designed to operate on heavy fuels.

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