We offer the highest concentration of completely oil-soluble magnesium fuel additives for gas turbine treatment.

Sulfur is often added to asphalt as a binder and extender. When heated to lower asphalt viscosity, hydrogen sulfide is often formed. Hydrogen sulfide is not only an odor nuisance for workers and neighbors, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Liquid Minerals Group LTD.’s oil soluble nanoparticle zinc additives have been found to help to control and or eliminate hydrogen sulfide at modest dosage levels.

Aging of asphalt has been a problem as long as asphalt has been used for road paving. Premature aging of asphalt requires repaving of roadways long before desired, resulting in increased costs. Cracks and ruts are the most prevalent signs of asphalt aging. Many researchers have concluded that vanadium and nickel compounds are either totally or at least partially responsible for the loss of flexibility of asphalt. Test work for our additives with asphalt is ongoing and new benefits are being discovered rapidly.