We offer the highest concentration of completely oil-soluble magnesium fuel additives for gas turbine treatment.

Gas turbines burning heavy fuel oil have been treated with oil-soluble magnesium compounds for decades. Current gas turbine manufacturer requirements mandate use of a magnesium additive when the vanadium content of a fuel is present at increased levels. Liquid Minerals Group LTD. offers the highest concentration of oil-soluble magnesium fuel additives for gas turbine treatment. These products are available in multiple base chemical varieties.

When fuels containing vanadium are combusted, the vanadium forms vanadium pentoxide, a low melting material. While in the liquid state, the vanadium can dissolve the oxide coating that is formed by all metals for protection. The metal then forms a new oxide coating which is again dissolved in turn. This cycle continues until the metal is catastrophically damaged.

Magnesium when combusted forms magnesium oxide. This oxide combines with vanadium to form magnesium orthovanadate which has a much higher melting point. In this form, vanadium is no longer a liquid and consequently no longer dissolves the protective oxide coating of the metal. In this manner vanadic corrosion is stopped. This mechanism has been successfully demonstrated using oil-soluble magnesium daily for well over 35 years. Liquid Minerals Group LTD. has a long history of treatment of gas turbines and provides the highest quality magnesium additives with extremely small particle size resulting increased reactivity that stops vanadic corrosion.